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Clavel Joanne

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Research Fellow CNRS
Social sciences and humanities (section 39)

Fields : Interdisciplinarity of Environmental Humanities
E-mail: joanne.clavel@cnrs.fr
Adresse : Université Paris Diderot (Paris 7)]
Academia : https://univ-paris8.academia.edu/JoanneClavel


- Ecologies, livings, natures
- Environmental aesthetics
- Participatory or « citizen » sciences and biodiversity
- AgriCultures (farmers and winegrowers)
- Choreographic creations and somatic practices
- Research-action-creation


- France, Europe and Americas .


For nearly 10 years, at the National Museum of Natural History, I have studied the impact of anthropogenic global changes on biodiversity, demonstrating the ongoing process of Biotic Homogenization of organisms. I contributed to several of the lively debates of conservation biology, pressed by the increasingly important commodification of life at the expenses of knowledge including scientific knowledge, especially on the long-term evolution of the living (e.g. ecosystems services, de-extinction, fixism, introduced species...).

Today my research in Environmental Humanities questions the "split" between nature and culture from its parallel dichotomy separating body and mind. I study human*natures relations in aesthetic, biological and political perspectives.
How does one think - feel - act in the interlacing of the living?
How do the experiences of natures go beyond the great Western dualisms?
My research questions the embodied experiences of the living in the multiplicity of these experiences. Moving away from oculocentrism offers the opportunity to rethink the relationships between corporality, spatiality, presence and environments. In particular, I study how different behaviors involved in attention (the act of applying the mind to something) lead to the development of body techniques and how these techniques make it possible to listen and understand differently the different environments in their singularity.
I also question the links between experience and commitment. What would be the modalities for engaging in non-destructive practices during life? How do collectives organize themselves to inhabit the earth differently? What "economic models" and relationship with "labor" emerge from these situations so that ethical issues structure aesthetic approaches?
I tackle these issues of natures/cultures from three contrasting situations:
- naturalistic practices including the development of participatory sciences around the measurement of biodiversity;
- arts of movement - in contemporary choreographic creation and in somatic practices - that recomposed body models by integrating body, mind and environment all together.
- agricultural communities (farmers and winegrowers) which develop around new ethico-practical considerations towards the living.

My research is anchored in a desire to decompartmentalize the "theory" on the one hand and the "practices" on the other hand, by dialoguing with actors on the ground: farmers, naturalists (expert or beginner) and artists. The commitment of my research in a situated work based on practices necessarily raises questions of epistemologies and methodologies. This is where the practice of art enters my research.

- Co-leader with Alix Levain of the Environmental Humanities component of the Living Beaches project by Isabelle Leviol and Christian Kerbirou (dir.), financed by the Fondation de France (2019-2021).
- Collaboration with the choreographer Eve Chariatte on the Sillages project, in partnership with the National Choreographic Center of Montpellier and l’Atelline.
- Collaboration with the choreographer Laurence Pagès on the Animal sensations project.
- Co-founder of the Soma&PO Research Group, Somatics, Aesthetics and Politics with Isabelle Ginot (U. Paris 8) and Marie Bardet (U. Buenos Aires, Argentine).
- Leader of the Cultures of natures project (Cultures de la natures) in Seine et Marne, National Museum of Natural History and General Council of 77 (2013-2016).
-  Member of the Scientific Commitee of my lab LADYSS.

Scientific animation and organization of scientific events

- Organization of the LADYSS seminar (2018 -)
"Spatiality of the livings, from the intimate gesture to the collective shaping of environments"
- Organization of the conference "Arts, Ecologies et Transitions", from 10 to 13 October 2018 and from 16 to 18 May 2019 in Paris.
- Scientific Committee of the conference "Reenchanting Urban Wildness : to Perceive, Think and Live with Nature in Cities ", International Conference, Perpignan, 11th to 14th June 2019.

Master Students in 2018-2019 :
Arnaud Blondel, in coll. with Isabelle Ginot, Paris 8 University.
Katrina Fimbel, in coll. with Pierre-Henry Gouyon, National Museum of Natural History
Axel Robin, in coll. with Alix Levain (Amure, Brest), and the Living Beach Committee, (MNHN, Concarneau Station)

Humanités environnementales au Master Exerce du CCN de Montpellier.

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