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Research Axes


Research Axis 1 : Socio-spatial recomposition in globalization

Research Axis 1 is based around shifting social and spatial patterns against a backdrop of globalisation. While continuing to focus on key research themes, i.e., multi-dimensional (political, (...)

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Research Axis 2 : Everyday territories : representations, practices and projects

Research Axis 2 sets out four broad pointers : day-to-day practices and territorial structures ; planning know-how (approaches, practices, projects) ; social and spatial aspects of consumption ; (...)

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Research Axis 3 : Environment and development : towards a new paradigm ?

As borne out by our research into the objects that form part of this field (e.g., biodiversity, soil erosion, flooding risk or drought) as well as the underlying processes involved (from public (...)

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Research Axis 4 : Health issues and territories

Health plays a key role in social dynamics and shifting spatial patterns. Aside from diagnostic and therapeutic characteristics, health-related issues present crucial economic challenges (...)

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Tranverse approach : Science-society relationships through field tests

The objective of the transverse approach is to forge methodological and conceptual bridges between the four research axes and the four LADYSS sites. It seeks to consolidate LADYSS’ (...)

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