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Research Axis 2 : Everyday territories : representations, practices and projects

Research Axis 2 sets out four broad pointers : day-to-day practices and territorial structures ; planning know-how (approaches, practices, projects) ; social and spatial aspects of consumption ; and forging a "mixed" North/South model.
The interdisciplinary research work covered here focuses on the micro- and meso-geographic scales as well as the production of territories by comparing and contrasting stakeholder strategies and their representations. Therefore, the approach covers the territorialisation processes of both individual and collective action.
There is a common focus on the transmission of knowledge and exchanging action models, and on various competing projects and strategies sponsored by stakeholders (or groups of stakeholders) within the same territory. The territories investigated range from urban to peri-urban to rural, depending on the perspective. We are also concerned with "territory use" and issues of appropriation, fragmentation, vulnerability, “habitability”, mobility and day-to-day quality of life.

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