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Research Axis 3 : Environment and development : towards a new paradigm ?

As borne out by our research into the objects that form part of this field (e.g., biodiversity, soil erosion, flooding risk or drought) as well as the underlying processes involved (from public policies to social representations), this is a highly-complex area.
It simultaneously covers issues related to globalisation of the impact of human activities and regulations (planetary scale), occupation of living habitats (from an ethical, aesthetic standpoint, etc.) and socio-scenic dynamics, as well as major epistemological and philosophical issues – all of which force us to reconsider the precepts underlying these areas of research.
The environment can be treated as an open, interactive and constantly shifting ensemble involving both scalar and interdisciplinary challenges. It concerns the relations between the social, life and physical sciences as well as those within the social sciences themselves and between research and professional practices.

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